It all started from Maria Adelaide and Alessandra, pole dancers since 2012 and lovers of aereal and acrobatic disciplines. Beside the studies in the Design and Engeneering fields, the strong interest for alchemy and cosmetic self-production made us meticulous researchers, striving for innovation in natural products.
The first Polipole prototype was born in 2014. Dued to the intensification of the training, and the first approach to competitions, we started to desire a grip aid specifically designed for pole dancers needs. During those years the available products were coming from other disciplines such as climbing, but struggled to be efficent on the pole.

Our shared obsession for natural products, silicon free, paraben free, paraffin free and mineral oil free, pushed our research towards a green and vegan product. After a long period of field testing Polipole Liquid Grip was born: a versatile formula suitable for both beginners and professional athletes, that modulates it’s effect based on the used amount.

Many pole dancing athlets, including world reknown ones, tested our product on stage expressing their approval.

Our never ending chase for the perfect product keeps pushing us to research innovative ingredients and formulas to deliver the best experience to our customers.