Grip Combo

Get the best performance for your grip!
Shake & dry is our non-sticky formula. It is ideal for applying on the hands especially if you tend to sweat a lot and/or your skin type is oily to normal.
Shake & grip is our medium sticky formula. It is ideal for applying on the body and/or hands especially if your skin type is normal to dry.

You can use all PoliPole products on your hands, body, and pole. No more oddly white residues!
PoliPole grips are compatible with all surfaces and are ThePole Italy Tested. You no longer need to worry about harsh chemicals ruining your equipment finish.
Our formulas are 100% compatible with each other, mix and match them for the best results.

Apply the Shake & Dry to prepare a dry base then layer the Shake & Grip to boost the grippiness!

Before each use remember to shake the product thoroughly.

To remove the product from the pole simply wipe it with rubbing alcohol until clean.

Natural ingredients
Made in Italy
Lightly scented
Top quality performance
No white residues