Grip set

Get ready to experience Polipole grips’ full potential!
Shake & Dry: Get your base ready by removing sweat.
Shake & Grip: Up your game with a medium sticky effect.
Sticky Mania: Unlock a new potential with a super strong and sticky effect.


If you want to experience the full power of Polipole grips and be braced for any weather condition and time of the year!

  • No white residues
  • Polipole grips are compatible with all surfaces and are ThePole Italy Tested. You no longer need to worry about harsh chemicals ruining your pole finish.
  • Shake thoroughly before use.
  • Apply the product on your hands and contact points (such as knee pits, ankles, elbow sockets,..)
  • Apply the Shake & Dry to prepare a dry base then layer the Shake & Grip or Sticky Mania to boost the grippiness!
  • Remove the product from the pole, wiping it away with rubbing alcohol.

Grip Set 50ml


Shake & Dry 50ml

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Shake & Grip 50ml

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Sticky Mania 50ml

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Grip Set 100ml


Shake & Dry 100ml

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Shake & Grip 100ml

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Sticky Mania 100ml

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Want to know more?
Why choose a liquid grip over chalk? 💪🏼

Using a vegan liquid grip is a sustainable 🌱 and smart 🧠 choice: many athletes underestimate that using too much chalk can lead to excessively dry hands, reducing grip, and issues like skin irritation or excessive inhalation of dust, which affects breathing. Besides, it is a choice that shows consideration for other athletes and for the environment 🌍.

Which sports are Polipole grips recommended for? 🥎

Our products are used by expert and novice athletes around the world for Pole Dance, padel 🎾, artistic gymnastics, aerial sports, circus arts 🎪, climbing, tennis 🥎, Calisthenics, weightlifting, golf 🏌️, and even pole vaulting.
In some cases, it is used not only on hands 👐 but also on equipment from which it can be easily removed with 90° alcohol 🌡️.

I have dry skin. Which product do you recommend I use?

If you have dry skin, you might find products with a sticky effect like Shake & Grip, Sticky Mania helpful. Shake & Dry will be perfect if your skin is normal to oily.
If you practice pole dance, we recommend purchasing Polipole's latest grip addition: Skin Booster. Skin Booster is a moisturizing and gripping body product to be applied to areas like the shin, the popliteal fossa, the elbow pit, etc.

Are Polipole products vegan or cruelty-free? 🐰

They are both, because we care about the planet 🌍 and other species 🌷🍄🐙! Plus, we carefully select top-quality, natural ingredients to bring you only the best of the best, with our vegan, sustainable, and cruelty-free formulas. Because we care about you, too.

What are the ingredients on the blacklist?🚫

Here they are: Methyl Glycol, Acrylates, Silicones, Petroleum (such as Paraffinum Liquidum, Microcrystalline Wax, paraffin, etc.) ☠️🤢
Rest assured that you will never find any of those in Polipole grips because we carefully select top-quality, natural ingredients ✅ to bring only the best to your skin with our sustainable vegan formulas 🌱.

Is the fragrance hypoallergenic?

Yes, all the fragrances used in Polipole products are hypoallergenic ✅. We chose them to minimize the chances of developing irritations 🆘 or skin sensitivities, ensuring a safe solution for people sensitive to the presence of allergens in fragrances.

I am allergic to resin. Can I use it?

Although the resin used is of natural origin, unfortunately, this does not guarantee 100% safe use for those who are allergic. 💡You might try applying a small amount of the product to a small area of skin and see what effect it has in 24-48 hours.

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