PoliPole Crop Top



Simona Spataro
Shake&Dry for hands + Sticky Mania on the body = perfect combo. I love the formulation of the Polipole products and the scent they leave on the hands. Approved! ✨
Francesca Prini
For years now, I and all the athletes and teachers at Florence Pole Dance Studio have been very loyal to Polipole 💜💜💜. It has accompanied me in international competitions, world championships and TV shows and what can I say ... it has never failed me!!! Depending on the season , how my skin feels and the type of pole I use I change the formula or mix them. Super love!
Juan Francisco Rodríguez
Excellent product! a grip with the right balance of grip to feel safe in the most risky tricks and very happy that its components are natural.
Marko Daza
I discovered this wonderful grip that accompanies me this winter when the pole is always cold and it is twice as hard to stick. With the Polipole Shake&Grip, I overcome the obstacle and I can say it is an excellent product, thanks Polipole 👌❤️
Roswald Landaeta Ramos
I highly recommend Polipole Grip, because I personally use it for training, and the best part is both Shake&Grip and Shake&Dry work on me in different seasons of the year, so I can always have something to train safely with.